Interested in Chorus
Interested in Chorus

It is time for the Rosa Parks Elementary School Chorus to begin! Any fourth or fifth grade student may participate in chorus. There is no audition required to join the chorus. Students wishing to participate must turn in all of the attached chorus paperwork to Miss Lopez no later than Monday, September 30th

Chorus rehearsals are scheduled by voice parts. Sopranos are higher voices, and usually sing the more recognizable parts of the melodies. Alto voices are lower, and usually sing the harmonies. Girls with higher voices will sing Soprano. Most boys will sing Alto. Girls with lower voices are more than welcome to choose to sing Alto. Please be sure to indicate your child’s chosen part on the attached paperwork. If you are unsure of which voice part to choose, please have your child see Miss Lopez prior to turning in the paperwork.

In order to participate in chorus this year, you and your student must agree to the following:

  • Mandatory attendance at before school rehearsals, on assigned days, from 8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.

     o Sopranos: Mondays

    o Altos: Wednesdays

    o Full Chorus: Fridays (not all Fridays), and 11/25, 12/09, 12/11 and TBD week of 12/16.

  • Paper and e-mail reminders are sent home weekly. Class DOJO reminders will also be available.
  • Transportation is not provided. Students cannot walk to school alone but can walk if they are escorted by an adult.

o Students may be dropped off starting at 7:45 a.m.

o Students may still eat school breakfast.

o Students may leave “AlphaBest” to participate. Please see “AlphaBest” staff prior to October 4 th to give staff permission to release students to chorus rehearsals.

o Students missing three or more rehearsals unexcused may be unable to participate in an upcoming performance.


  • Mandatory participation in performances. Dates and details are on the calendar on the back.
  • Purchase of a Rosa Parks Elementary School Singing Golden Eagles t-shirt (price TBD).
  • Shirts are the same as the last two years.
  • Please do not send in money until an order form has been sent home.
  • Maintaining a “C” average in all scholastic areas, and a “S” average in encore and conduct on progress reports and report cards.
  • Appropriate behavior in all classes, activities and events at Rosa Parks Elementary.
  • Ms. Danielson and Mr. Terrillion will determine a student’s removal from chorus for disciplinary reasons.


I look forward to working with you and your Rosa Parks Elementary student this year!


 Miss Lopez,

Music Teacher

Rosa Parks Elementary School (703) 580-9665

PDF Versions of Document Click Here
Electronic Form Click Here
Forms can also be gotten from Ms Lopez