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Summer Message: Hello everyone! Wow...what a school year it has been. You all have been such an amazing class and this has been an amazing year. Did it end the way we expected? Nope, not at all! But we made it! 

I am so INCREDIBLY PROUD of every single one of you!

It is YOU that made this year great! It is YOU that worked hard! It is YOU that put in the effort and never gave up. And it is YOU going to fifth grade to be equally amazing. 

This summer, it is important for you to keep working hard. Reading every day is easy, fun, and a great way to keep your mind working and growing. Writing about what you're reading will help you remember what you learn and is great practice. Build your own science experiments! Research historical events! Practice your math facts! There are so, so many options. I'm not there to remind you to do anything, so it's your job to think "How can I keep learning everyday?" Learning isn't can be so fun. I hope you figure out creative ways to do it! If you learn something new, send me an email! I would love to hear about it and I promise I will respond.

I will leave all the resources from our virtual learning posted on this website. Feel free to use anything you would like! Or check out this list of online resources you can use all summer!

And with that, I am wrapping up this summer message. I hope you all have an amazing summer. I hope you will stay safe, happy and healthy. And I cannot wait to see your smiling faces in the hallway next school year! I miss you all so much. Keep being awesome!

Ms. Wolken 


You can check the "Classroom Calendar" page for links to specific lessons.
Check out the Encore choice board!
For additional resources, visit the PWCS Home Learning Site
Looking for extension activities or SIGNET resources? Head on over to Ms. Money's page!


30 Days of Read Alouds:
This is a YouTube channel I started with a fellow teacher. On it, we will be sharing a book every day. The book will be accompanied by a few questions that students can answer either by talking with an adult or in writing. Check out the playlist today!

Question Chicken: A silly tradition in 4W. Take a minute to answer today's question. Or, check out what your classmates answered on yesterday's question.

At Home Learning Links
These sites can be accessed by students at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

  1.  Epic - Reading - To access at home, you must first accept the invitation sent to your email. Our class code is zdt8824
  2. Capstone eBooks - Reading - Another source of free eBooks! - Username: continue Password: reading
  3.  Scholastic - Reading - Scholastic is providing online reading activities for free while schools are closed. There are new activities for each day - No login required!
  4.  Storyworks - Reading - Click "login" and select "I am a student". Our classroom password is Wolken2019
  5.  iXL - All Subjects - Students have a login card with their username and password
  6.  Dreambox - Math - Students should login through Clever, using their school Office 365 account information
  7.  ST Math - Math - Students should login through Clever, using their school Office 365 account information
  8.  SOLPass - VA Studies and Science - No login required!
  9.  BrainPop - All Subjects - Username: Goldie  Password: 22193 OR students can login through Clever, using their school Office 365 account information
  10.  Discovery Education - All Subjects - Students should use their school email and password to log in
  11.  Wixie - All Subjects - Students should login through Clever, using their school Office 365 account information
  12. PebbleGo - All Subjects - A great research tool! Aimed at a younger audience. - Username: engaged Password: learning
  13. PebbleGo Next - All Subjects - A great research tool! Higher level that PebbleGo. - Username: engaged Password: learning

There are many other resources on Clever that students can access from anywhere. Students can log in to Clever using their PWCS email address and password.